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6 Steps to Waking Up with Less Wrinkles

Invest a little time every night for easier mornings

September 28, 2018

For many at the end of a very long day, just about all you feel like doing is splashing a little water on your face, brushing your teeth and crawling under the covers. The experts at Canyon Ranch® Aesthetics recommend finding the energy to do a bit more with your nighttime skin routine, as it can make all the difference the next day. While a daytime routine, including the application of a sunscreen, moisturizer, and wearing a hat and sunglasses, is an important part of protecting your skin from signs of aging, a nighttime routine can be equally as important. Rest is a crucial time for rejuvenation – and, it’s the time of day when skin is most receptive to treatments.

Fit these practices into your nighttime routine to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, or prevent them from becoming more prominent. You’ll be repaid with a brighter, smoother and younger-looking complexion – a fresher, more radiant you.

Begin your nighttime routine with a pre-cleanser to remove excess oils, sunscreen, makeup and other product or pollution on your face, such as a face wipe. This pre-rinse allows your actual cleanser to penetrate deeper into the skin. Next, wash your face with a cleanser using lukewarm (not hot) water and your fingertips. For sensitive skin, choose a fragrance-free and hypoallergenic cleanser.

As we age, cell turnover slows and dead cells build up on skin’s surface, which can not only make skin look dull and tired, but make lines appear deeper than they really are. Aim to exfoliate once a week, and be careful not to overdo it. Some products may irritate and dry out skin if used incorrectly or too frequently, so always follow the directions on the packaging. If you have sensitive skin, try a mild scrub over a more potent peel or microdermabrasion product, and don’t be afraid to consult your dermatologist for advice.

Wrinkles form, in part, when collagen –a protein found in tissue – becomes weak or damaged. Retinol, a vitamin A derivative, triggers new collagen production and gradually helps to iron out lines, making it a go-to recommendation from dermatologists for reducing wrinkles. Look for retinol near the top of an over-the-counter product’s ingredient list to ensure that it contains a significant amount.

The skin around the eyes is delicate, making it prone to dryness and signs of aging and fatigue. Incorporating an eye gel or cream into your bedtime routine helps to hydrate and protect this fragile skin and work against fine lines and wrinkles. Gently apply an eye gel or cream after applying your night cream.

The constant pressure that sleeping on your stomach or on your side puts on your face can lead to unwanted sleep lines that can eventually become permanent. While it may be difficult to remain in this position the entire night, sleeping on your back – even for part of the night – reduces this pressure on your face. For those who aren’t back sleepers, try a special contoured night pillow, designed to minimize facial contact with the pillow and reduce pressure.

Cotton pillowcases can cause the skin on your face to crunch, creating sleep lines. Another way to prevent these from happening is to upgrade your pillowcase from a cotton fabric to silk or satin. The smooth surface of silk or satin allow your skin to slide more smoothly along the pillowcase instead of crunching up, as it tends to on cotton.

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